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Eleglide Releases Two E-Trekking Bikes – T1 & T1 Step-Thru

(Adnkronos) – BERLIN, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The e-bike brand Eleglide is launching 2 new e-trekking bikes-T1 and T1 Step-Thru in May 2022. 

Since its foundation, Eleglide has been committed to making low-emission transport less expensive and more enjoyable. The new models have demonstrated its commitment, which are designed with comfort, functionality, and stability in mind, and offered at reasonable and affordable prices. 


Powered by a 250W brushless motor, Eleglide T1 can accelerate up to 25km/h. With a 450Wh battery pack, it can reach a maximum distance of 100km in assist mode, making it ideal for long-distance bike tours. 

For good stability, the 17.5-inch frame is made of strong and stiff aluminum alloy, providing a solid ride. 

With 27-inch wheels and premium CST tires, the T1 bike accommodates multiple types of roads and rolls smoothly even in bumpy terrain. 

For comfortable and enjoyable bike touring, it comprises a cosy saddle, a sturdy luggage rack with a maximum load of 25kg, a 7-speed Shimano derailleur, and a hydraulic suspension with lockout that can be locked on flat roads for a fast ride and unlocked on rough paths for a steady ride. 

For easy control of the e-bike, it comes with an LCD dashboard that displays various information, such as speed and battery level, and allows users to activate a variety of functions, including shifting speed levels, activating cruise mode, etc. 

T1 Step-Thru 

Eleglide T1 Step-Thru is elegant in appearance and impressive in comfort. 

Similar to the T1 model, it also contains a 250W motor, a 450Wh battery, an LCD dashboard, a hydraulic suspension with lockout, a luggage rack, and a 7-speed Shimano derailleur. 

What distinguishes T1 Step-Thru from T1 is the 17-inch step-through frame which is reinforced with a strong beam to ensure good stability. 

The highlight of its comfortable design lies in the adjustable stem that allows you to alter the stem angle for a suitable position. In addition, it has an ergonomically designed SR saddle that lets you sit comfortably over long distances. 

To celebrate new e-bikes releasing event, Eleglide has special offers with T1 priced at €899.99 only and T1 Step-Thru at €949.99 only from May 17th to May 24th. Everyone that orders a bike from Eleglide’s official website will receive a warranty for up to 3 years and a 14-day return service. 

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