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Executive Producer of Documentary With This Light meets with His Holiness Pope Francis

(Adnkronos) – Executive Producer Jessica Sarowitz meets with The Pontiff About the Film Focusing on the Legacy of Sister María Rosa Leggol 

VATICAN CITY, April 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With This Light, directed by Nicole Bernardi-Reis and Laura Bermúdez, was screened at the Vatican for dignitaries and invited guests and also presented to Pope Francis at Vatican City. Jessica Sarowitz met with His Holiness to discuss the important legacy of the Miraflores Films documentary’s subject, Sister María Rosa Leggol. 

The discussion with The Pontiff focused on the inspiring life’s work of Sister María Rosa Leggol during her 70 years as a Franciscan nun, helping more than 87,000 Honduran children escape poverty and abuse. They also discussed the importance of making sure her story and impact is known beyond Honduras. 

Invited guests to the private screening at the Augustinian Patristic Institute included international and local press, members of religious orders and Ambassadors to the Holy See from Honduras, Panama, Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador and Brazil, the Secretary General of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation, amongst other dignitaries. 

On behalf of the filmmaking team, Executive Producer Jessica Sarowitz said, “The early opportunity to screen With This Light to an audience with His Holiness was a privilege. One life can inspire and educate others, as Sister María Rosa has done for so many individuals in the Honduran community, and we are so grateful to be sharing her story with a wider audience.” 

The screening was in partnership with L’Osservatore Romano (Spanish edition), the Vatican’s official newspaper, and the Honduran Embassy to the Holy See. 

About Miraflores Films Miraflores Films is a media company dedicated to amplifying the voices of inspiring women through quality documentary film, building space for those excluded from mainstream narratives to have their stories seen and heard. By sharing these untold stories of extraordinary lives and perseverance, Miraflores Films creates authentic connections with diverse audiences — empowering them with the tools to become actively engaged citizens. Miraflores’ deliberate and dynamic distribution of projects inspires others to lead with compassion and be change-makers within their own communities. 

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