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Faraday v4: Agile security for agile development

(Adnkronos) – MIAMI, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The SaaS market is expected to grow at a 27% compound annual rate until 2028. Unlike other software products, cloud services allow for much shorter spans between updates, some of them deploying several updates per day. A lot of things can go wrong if cybersecurity is not handled correctly. Security must be agile, or it will fall behind.

In this context, we’re glad to present Faraday v4, now available for professional and corporate subscriptions and our free personal plan.

Faraday works to make security scalable, efficient, and agile. The platform allows teams to manage all cybersecurity matters from the same place, simplifying the key steps of vulnerability management and penetration testing tasks.

Its new version is cloud-based and has an intuitive UI, designed to make security more comfortable. Faraday lets you scan, analyze, tag, and assign vulnerabilities with just a few clicks, making it the go-to platform for teams to incorporate security into their development process.

Vulnerabilities are shown on a dashboard that eases the key evaluation, classification, and triaging steps. General analytics on vulnerabilities may be displayed and compared between workspaces to address strategic decisions.

All in order to save teams’ time and energy and help build scalable security solutions.

You may get started right now. Create an account today for free.

Contact: sales@faradaysec.com; https://faradaysec.com/?utm_medium=mailing&utm_source=Cision&utm_campaign=pressrelease&utm_content=Cision

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