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NAVEE Celebrates the First Anniversary

(Adnkronos) – SHENZHEN, China, April 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The emerging ecological chain company of Xiaomi, NAVEE, is celebrating its first anniversary in April. As a new brand, NAVEE is growing at a fast pace, which brought its first e-scooter model, N65, to the world soon after its birth.

The NAVEE N65 e-scooter provides a high level of performance and lets riders travel safer and smarter. It has made a breakthrough in the riding distance, reaching a max range of 65km by using a large battery pack and energy recovery technology. Users won’t need to bother charging their scooters every day. Innovation has been made in the folding system for an easier storage style, which allows them to rotate the handlebar and neatly align it to the folding stem. Another highlight is its 500W powerful motor that supports a maximum speed of 25km/h and an uphill climb of up to 25% while most of the competitors fail to deliver such a performance. The brake system of the NAVEE N65 is safer and more advanced than the traditional disc brake. It consists of a front E-ABS and a rear disc brake that can stop the scooter quickly and safely.Besides, it has 10-inch tires that can easily cross obstacles and roll smoothly even on bumpy roads, leading to a cozy ride.Designed with comfort and functionality in mind, NAVEE N65 comprises a 17cm wide footboard with a non-slip silicone mat that riders can stand on comfortably and a smart LED dashboard that can be controlled with an app. Furthermore, it requires no installation providing an effortless experience to the end user.

From the N65 scooter, it is evident that NAVEE is an innovative and user-oriented brand that has the ability to develop cutting edge technology through its expertise in R&D that is superior on many technological fronts that brings its vision to life.

NAVEE is holding a great celebration from April 13th to 26th. It’s not only a party to celebrate the first anniversary, but also a gratitude ceremony for its supporters. During the celebration, there will be great deals, giveaways, lucky draws and gifts. The NAVEE N65 scooter has a special offer priced at €569.99 only. The price will be even cheaper if buyers get a prize from the lucky draw.

Check it out at:

Global Store Geekbuyinghttps://promotion.geekbuying.com/promotion/navee_anniversary_sale?utm_source=NAVEE%20BRAND&utm_medium=BIC

German and French Store Geekmaxihttps://www.geekmaxi.com/promotion/navee-anniversary-sale/?utm_source=NAVEE%20BRAND&utm_medium=BIC

Polish Store Geekbuying.plhttps://www.geekbuying.pl/promocje/navee_wyprzedaz_jubileuszowa/?utm_source=NAVEE%20BRAND&utm_medium=BIC

Contact: sales@navee.eu

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1798536/1.jpg

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